Minutes Stop CSG Sydney Annual General Meeting


Stop CSG Sydney @ People’s Climate March (November 29, 2015). Photo: Nicole Dixon

Minutes Stop CSG Sydney 2015

Saturday November 14, 2015

Minutes:  Pip Hinman
Chair: Adrienne Shilling

Apologies: Lou Steer, Brian Martin, Jenny Seymour, Sandy Thompson

Motion that Adrienne Shilling chairs the meeting and is returning officer


1. Summary of year’s activities: Pip Hinman, president

Annual report and financial report tabled.

2. Financial report summary: Paul Benedek, treasurer

3. Motions:

That Stop CSG Sydney:

1. Sends its congratulations to Gasfield-Free Northern Rivers activists and supports their action outside the Metgasco AGM in December 16 at 11am, Christie Corporate, Level 4, 100 Walker Street, North Sydney


2. That we continue to campaign for a gasfield-free NSW;


3. That we support the Sydney People’s Climate Mobilisation on November 29 starting at the Domain at 1pm.


AGM Nominations:

President: Pip Hinman
Secretary: Jenny Seymour
Treasurer: Paul Benedek
Committee member: Elle Flikier
Committee member: Mara Bonnaci
Committee member: Marie Flood
Committee member: Kathy Fairfax
Committee member: Jacki Short

Motion: To accept the returning officers’ report.


Motion:  That Jenny Seymour be Stop CSG Sydney’s public officer.


Meeting closed 4.40pm.

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