MEDIA RELEASE October 3, 2014


A long-awaited report by the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer was tabled on September 30.

The Independent Review of Coal Seam Gas Activities in NSW, commissioned on February 21, 2013 by then Premier Barry O’Farrell, confirms the risks associated with CSG, notes many unknowns remain, and says government regulation of the industry needs to be overhauled.

The recommendations focus on how to develop the industry, not if or under what conditions development would be considered safe. The risks can be managed, the Review states (on page 10).

“In particularly sensitive areas, such as in and near drinking water catchments, risk management needs to be of high order with particularly stringent requirements on companies operating there in terms of management, data provision, insurance cover and incident-response times.’

The report confirms the risks that community members have been talking about for years. It states that unknowns remain and says that regulation of CSG by the NSW Government needs an overhaul.

The report also notes: “… it is inevitable that the CSG industry will have some unintended consequences, including as the result of accidents, human error, and natural disasters”.

Stop CSG Sydney believes that ‘unintended consequences’ with the industry is enough reason to immediately rule out mining in water catchment areas and adopt the precautionary principle across the rest of NSW until the science shows it is safe.

CSG exploration and mining always involves unearthing water that is high in salt and methane, and can contain toxic and radioactive compounds and heavy metals. It involves damage to aquifers, methane leaks and industrial development that are incompatible with our drinking water catchments.

CSG: Not here! Not anywhere!


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