5 September 2014 – Peter Fitzsimons joins Stop CSG Illawarra protesters rally at North Cronulla
St George & Sutherland Shire Leader
The protest was designed to highlight “the threat posed to the shire” by petroleum exploration licence (PEL) 463, which covers most of Sydney. Dart Energy, which holds the license, is being bought by the UK-based gas giant IGas Energy, which plans to sell off its non-UK assets.

5 September 2014 – Leak a cause for concern
The Inner City Weekender – (PG3)
Protesters gather in support of extinguishing Sydney basin coal seam gas licence.

15 August 2014 – Call for cancellation
The Inner City Weekender (front page + PG3)
Stop CSG Sydney says now’s the time for St Peters license to be revoked.

15 May 2014 – Metgasco referred to ICAC due to links with Obeid familySMH reports that Metgasco has links with AWH, QWH, the Obeid family, and Nick di Girolamo, all of which are under investigation by ICAC.


13 July 2013 – PAC rejects Apex licence extension for Illawarra
PAC has rejected Apex licence extension for drilling 16 CSG wells between Sydney and Wollongong.

11 June 2013 – Sydney City Council abandon plans for gas-fired trigeneration
Clover Moore has abandoned plans for large scale $5 billion building of multiple trigeneration plants in the Sydney CBD, which would be gasfired (hence 6% CSG). The plan has been scaled back to only 1 or 2 buildings.

11 April 2013 – AGL reconsidering Gloucester CSG
AGL are reconsidering commencing their proposed billion dollar CSG project at Gloucester.

11 April 2013 – Woodside cancels James Price Point LNG
Woodside Petroleum has cancelled plans for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant at James Price Point (near Broome) in WA.

5 April 2013 – ABC Stateline report
ABC Stateline report on CSG showed Appea chief Rick Wilkinson squirming as sustained pressure from green groups has forced action from the NSW State Government and led to backdowns by Metgasco & Dart Energy. The debate over approvals of Coal Seam Gas projects is raging in NSW. Green groups and industry experts disagree on the science, but the State Government maintains its new proposals have the right balance.

2 April 2013 – Dart Energy will not drill at Fullerton Cove
DART Energy has announced that it will not drill at Fullerton Cove, despite winning the court case. Dart shares have tumbled to record lows as the company cuts costs and slashes jobs. Dart will close offices and axe 70 per cent of its workforce. It is suspending field operations at Fullerton Cove, near Newcastle in NSW, and switching its focus to CSG projects in Britain and China.

“This is a huge victory for the community of Fullerton Cove, and for Newcastle at large,” said Steve Phillips, Hunter regional coordinator for Lock The Gate. “With Dart suspending their operations in this area, our precious drinking water is safe, for now, from coal seam gas. The people of Fullerton Cove have fought bravely to defend their community from a global gas company, and for now at least, they have won. Dart Energy were never welcome at Fullerton Cove. 97.5% of Cove residents voted to be CSG Free. When Dart tried to bring a drill rig in last August, the people of Fullerton Cove staged a courageous blockade lasting over a week.”

1 April 2013 – Four Corners on CSG
Four Corners report on CSG – covering NSW & Queensland, including Tara, Camden, Gloucester & other areas.
Shows CSG bubbling to the surface of the Condamine River, Tara bore water that is now flammable, and hear a former Senior Environmental Assessor blow the whistle on the Queensland Government for witholding information from their own staff, ignoring the recommendations of staff, and pressuring staff into approving applications without giving them time to even read the applications.

March 2013 – Gloucester – 200 attend public meeting

19 Feb 2013 – NSW declares 2km Exclusion Zone for CSG
NSW Premier announces 2km exclusion zone from residential areas & certain industries.

Metgasco suspends operations in Northern Rivers
After blockading since Nov 2012 and numerous arrests at Glenugie & Doubtful Creek, the united community united has stopped this unwanted threat to envrionment and water.

Farmers in Tara talk about the impact of CSG wells (video)

10 May 2012 – Dart Energy will not be drilling at St Peters Kate Ausburn reports on Dart Energy announcement that it will not drill at St Peters.

10 May 2012 – Marrickville Council prohibits CSG drilling at St Peters. CSG prohibited as part of DA for Dial-a-Dump site.

16 Aug 2011 – Dart Energy meeting with St Peters residents report by Climate Action Newtown on the meeting with Dart Energy at St Peter’s Town Hall.

13 Nov 2010 – SMH announces Macquarie energy plans to drill for CSG at St Peters to supply City of Sydney with gas

Renewable Energy

Solar power growing :

Renewables cheaper than coal :

Bill McKibben : lecture at Sydney Uni

Protests against CSG

Police use excessive force at Metgasco protest …

Corruption and Mining

Major shareholder in Dart Energy hired hitman, broke Iran sanctions, paid Tories 550 million pounds

Groundwater Contamination and Safety Issues

contamination of groundwater by fracking in Canada, by Jessica Ernst

25 March 2014 – report on safety of CSG wells from UK, by Damian Carrington, The Guardian


Pumping water underground may cause earthquakes.

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