Stop CSG Sydney submission to NSW DePI on Camden Gas Project Stage 3 Northern Expansion
Two kilometre buffer zone on CSG is not enough


Stop CSG mining in Water Catchments (petition to NSW Govt)

Reference Papers

PEL Maps

NSW Govt map of PEL 463

Impact of Mining

The Australia Institute :
Mining employs only 2% of the workforce & enjoys massive government subsidies. Mining exports cause a stronger dollar, which causes job losses in tourism & manufacturing, and mining causes a shortage of tradesmen for other industries. Most mining companies are foreign owned & sell to foreign markets, so the so-called “export revenue” never enters Australia. Mining companies pay lower taxes than most other companies. The often cited “flow-on effects” of mining are not unique to mining & would also flow-on from existing agriculture or any other industry.

- Mining the Truth Fact Sheet: Five key facts about the real economic impacts of the mining boom.
- Quick Links to TAI reports: Key points from 12 recent TAI reports on the economic impacts of mining, especially coal and CSG, with links to the relevant pages on the TAI website where the full reports can be downloaded.
- Impacts of the mining boom on non-mining industries: Full presentation on the flow-on effects of the mining boom to the economy.

Toxic Chemicals & the CSG industry
NTN Critique of Queensland Govt CSG Health Study National Toxics Network scientists have reviewed the Queensland Govt Health Study of the Tara area and found it to be inadequate and incomplete.


Peter’s fracking song. lyrics
We_ll Have No CSG Here lyrics
We don’t want your frackin’ CSG, No Way! by Rhona Macleod (video)

Interviews – Beyond Zero

Beyond Zero Emission Radio
Drew Hutton and Sharon Munro 2012
Drew Hutton 2013

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