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21 August – Handover of Water Catchment petition – 12 noon

All Stop CSG groups across Sydney & Illawarra will meet at the fountain at the northern end of Hyde Park at 12 noon, for a short march to NSW Parliament, Macquarie St, to handover the petition to “stop CSG in water catchments” with over 10,000 signatures to the Premier.
For more information contact Chris on 0425 329 963, or 0411 550 849.
NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell promised to protect our water catchments from CSG mining,
yet CSG licences have beeen approved in our drinking water catchments, and NSW legislation does not stop CSG drilling there. Let’s remind the NSW Government who they work for.

Rally for Bulga against open cut coal mining – 11:30 Wed 14 August

Meet outside the NSW Supreme Court, Queen’s Square – 184 Phillip St, Sydney, 11:30am Wed 14 August.

Residents, farmers, environmentalists and community groups will rally outside the NSW Supreme Court to support the people of Bulga (in the Hunter Valley) as they battle to save their town from open cut coal mining, & to oppose draconian new amendments to NSW mining regulations.

The O’Farrell Government has joined global mining giant Rio Tinto in a Supreme Court action to force an unwanted open cut coal mine onto the residents of Bulga. The Warkworth Extension proposal was rejected by a NSW court, which found that the impacts of the proposed mine far outweighed the economic benefits promised by the mining company. Now Rio Tinto and the NSW Government are dragging the Bulga residents’ group into the Supreme Court.

The proposed changes to the NSW Mining SEPP (State Environmental Planning Policy) will, if introduced, ensure that the assessment process gives overriding priority to the economic value and ill-defined significance of a resource. Other considerations, such as protecting environmental and social values, including water resources, human health, and the quality-of-life of those directly impacted will be heavily discounted. . The SEPP amendment will, if introduced, have far-reaching consequences for the the western Blue Mountains and the World Heritage Area.

Before gaining government, Barry O’Farrell promised to achieve a better balance between mining, agricultural, environmental and social interests. But the promises are largely in tatters as he fixes his blinkered gaze on the short-term dollar-driven interests of the mining industry. He was given a large majority at the election in order to fix the difficult issues; he has yet to justify it!

Stop CSG Sydney monthly meeting – 4pm Sun 28 July, Marrickville

Sunday afternoon, 4pm, all are invited to Stop CSG Sydney’s regular monthly Public Meeting.
At Herb Greedy Hall, 79 Petersham Rd, Marrickville. (near the intersection with Marrickville Rd)

Come & hear updates from around Sydney & NSW, meet members from other groups across Sydney, discuss recent events and what’s next in the campaign to stop CSG.

FB event

Guest speaker is Denis Slater from the Oakdale stop CSG group. He will talk about their campaign in Western Sydney, including a meeting with the chief scientist, an information forum in Barry O’Farrell’s electorate in Sydney (Kuringai) and CSG Free communities. Oakdale is near Warragamba Dam, where CSG drilling poses risks to our clean water supply.

We will also be showing a short film by Elle Flikier, of StopCSG Sydney’s recent visit to Warragamba Dam and Burragorang Lakes where we met up with the Oakdale group.

Combined Stop CSG groups meeting – Granville – Sun 26 May

All Stop CSG groups are invited to a combined meeting Granville Town Hall, 10 Carlton Street, Granville (close to the railway station and shops) from 2-5pm on Sunday May 26. It is shaping up to be a great turnout from many groups across the Sydney basin.

The aim of the meeting is to discuss and reach an agreement on a unified pre-election action. We have an opportunity to present a united message that even with the industry suspensions in St Peters, Camden, Glenugie and Fullerton Cove; the state government’s announcement that residential areas and critical industry clusters will be “protected”, and the federal government’s announcement that water will be “safe”, this is not nearly good enough and will not placate us.

We also want to discuss how the Stop CSG groups can work to our strengths and complement the actions of each other and other groups. Doing this will ensure the most strategic use of our own resources as well as making sure the issues that matter to all groups are approached from various angles. For more information and to RSVP, email Josie Evans

Afternoon tea will be provided, but a gold coin donation for the hall hire would be appreciated.

Marrickville Council to request NSW Govt to revoke Dart licence on St Peters

Marrickville Council has voted unanimously to adopt an amended motion proposed by Stop CSG Sydney, to formally request the Minister for Resources & Industry to (a) revoke the Dart Energy licence for CSG exploration at the Dial-a-Dump site in St Peters / Alexandria land fill, and (b) to ban CSG mining within 100km of water catchment areas.

Stop CSG proposed these amendments to the Mayor’s motion of thanks to the Minister, following the Mayor’s recent attendance at a briefing from the NSW Government Office of Coal Seam Gas.


On 16 May 2013 Mayors and General Managers from NSW Councils, including Marrickville Mayor, Cr Victor Macri, attended a forum hosted by the NSW Government Office of Coal Seam Gas to be briefed by the government agencies which regulate the CSG industry. The opening address was by the Hon. Chris Hartcher MP Minister for Resources and Energy. The briefing focussed on the regulatory regime that governs the exploration and production in NSW. The NSW Government announced on 19 February 2013 some additional measures to regulate the industry. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is now the agency responsible for compliance and enforcement of environmental and health-related regulations of CSG activities and an Environment Protection Licence will be required for all CSG activities.

The NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer has been asked to conduct an independent review of all CSG activities across the State, including the potential impact on water catchments and the Office of Coal Seam Gas has been established to administer licences and regulate non-environmental issues, such as occupational health and safety of the industry. The first draft of this report is due in July 2013.

The Acting General Manager for Marrickville Council asked the panel to confirm that the two kilometre exclusion zone that will be imposed around residential zone to prevent new CSG exploration, assessment and production activities would apply to Marrickville. This was confirmed by the panel.

Marrickville Council meeting 21 May 2013

The Mayor proposed a motion thanking the Minister for Resources for the presentation. Stop CSG Sydney proposed amendments to that motion. Stop CSG Sydney is concerned that Dart Energy’s licence over Alexandria Landfill site in St Peters still remains in place 12 months after the Council imposed a condition on Alexandria Landfill’s DA prohibiting CSG mining on the site, and also that the 2 kilometre exclusion zone is grossly inadequate to protect Sydney’s water supply from pollution by CSG mining.

Adrienne Shilling and Louise Steer spoke to the amendments proposed by Stop CSG Sydney. Sandy Thompson, Zara Thompson, Brian Martin and Petra Liverani all attended to show support.

Stop CSG Sydney reminded the Council of the Council’s history of opposition to CSG in Marrickville LGA. The Mayor, having attended the NSW government presentation to LGA reps on CSG, was under the impression that the 2 kilometre exclusion zone was retroactive. Cr Leary pointed out that it only applies to new licences and Dart could still commence drilling in St Peters.

Cr David Leary moved the amendments proposed by Stop CSG Sydney to the Mayor’s motion and the Council approved it unanimously, as follows :


1. receive and note the Mayoral Minute; and

2. write to the Hon Chris Hartcher MP, Minister for Resources and Energy, thanking him for facilitating the presentation on Coal Seam Gas.

3. (a) Request the NSW government to revoke the Dart Energy licence which still applies to the Alexandria Landfill site at St Peters, given that the Council has prohibited coal seam gas mining in the development application conditions for that site; and

(b) Request the NSW government to expressly prohibit coal seam gas mining, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) or horizontal drilling within 100 kilometres of all Sydney water catchment areas as these supply residents in all LGAs including Marrickville.