Petition to stop government funding for major polluters
Tell the Treasurer and your local federal MP to slash polluter handouts from the upcoming federal budget in May.
By joining the campaign you’ll help us cut pollution, unlock clean energy and create a clean and safe environment for all Australians.

Petition for Concentrated Solar Power Plant at Port Augusta, SA
Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (with molten salt heat storage) complements the variable energy source of wind perfectly, by continuing power supply at night by drawing from stored heat.
Please sign & share this petition to build a Solar Thermal Plant in Port Augusta to replace the dirty brown coal-fired plants.

Sign the Lock the Gates Pledge
Coal seam gas and mining companies are riding roughshod over our governments and local communities. It’s time to say enough is enough. Take a stand to protect your community and the future of our country from inappropriate mining by clicking the link above to sign Lock the Gate’s Pledge.

Call to Country
When it comes to preventing inappropriate mining, our Federal politicians have shirked their responsibilities for too long – but they have the power to act and now they need to use it. Click the link above to find out more about the Call to Country, and how to contact your Federal MP.

Artists Against Fracking
This petition was started by Yoko Ono & Sean Lennon, currently has 74,687 signatures … please add yours …

Save the Gardens of Stone
Petition by Nature Conservation Council of NSW to save the Gardens of Stone from destruction caused by mining.

Save Gloucester Valley
Petition to save the Gloucester Valley from CSG and Coal mining – Please sign the petition which has over 1,800 signatures so far. Show your support for the tragedy that is unfolding in this beautiful productive valley and within a vital, caring and amazing community. Some of the best food producing farming land in NSW is threatened by AGL who plan to drill for CSG in the Gloucester Valley.
Contact: Julie Lyford, The Gloucester Valley Communities

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