27 Oct – Stop CSG Sydney AGM – guest speaker Paddy Manning

Sunday October 27, 3-5pm at 14 Seaview St, Dulwich Hill (next to Dulwich Hill library).

Paddy Manning will speak at 3pm, followed by afternoon tea, and then Stop CSG Sydney’s Annual General Meeting.

Author and journalist Paddy Manning will speak about the movement against coal seam gas mining
and prospects for the industry under the Abbott government. Paddy Manning is the author of “What the Frack? Everything You Need to Know About Coal Seam Gas”. He describes how the campaign against CSG became a movement across regional NSW, looks at how CSG mining is already impacting on ground water, aquifers and our health and takes a hard look at the mining industry’s rights versus landowner’s rights.

The Abbott Coalition government is pushing the NSW Liberal-National government to clear away obstacles for the CSG industry expanding in NSW. Come and join us for this important discussion about how we strengthen the rural and city alliances against the CSG industry and its supporters in government.

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