Stopping CSG: What does the NSW Chief Scientist’s report mean for the campaign?

This is Stop CSG Sydney’s last meeting for 2014, and it will be a very interesting one.

Stuart Khan, an engineer from the Universty of NSW, is our guest speaker.

He contributed to the findings of the Chief Scientist’s report on the management and risks associated with produced water from CSG mining.

The CSG industry says it gives the ‘green light’ for increased CSG production.

Anti-CSG activists point to the report’s warning of ‘unintended consequences’.

Stuart was also an expert reviewer of the final report. He will present his perspective of the final report and its implications for the CSG industry and affected communities.

The NSW government has recently released its NSW CSG plan which, it says, is based on accepting all the Chief Scientist’s recommendations.

Come along and find out more. Afternoon tea will be available.

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