Report from the BOF protest in Casula

13 Feb – the stop CSG protest in Casula, where Barry O Farrell was dining with the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, went well with some 120 people, despite being called at short notice.

It was organised by individuals and groups across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

The FB event page for the protest has now been turned into a page where all events across Sydney and Western Sydney are advertised. If you’re on FB, join up! There’s going to be a need for many more of these in Western Sydney.

The speakers were:
Lyall who gave indigenous acknowledgement to country, Jess Moore (Stop CSG Illawarra), Jacqui Kirkby (Scenic Hills Assoc), Melinda Wilson (Stop CSG Blacktown), Jeremy Buckingham (NSW Greens MLC), Julie Sheppard (SOS Rivers), Josie Evans (Stop CSG Sydney), Sharon Wilkinson (Stop CSG Blue Mountains). Suzie Wright, and Fred Fuentes were the MC’s.

There are pictures on FB & a short video by Green Left TV on youtube.

Stop CSG Sydney’s support was noted and appreciated (Josie Evans spoke for us). We sold 9 of the 10 T-shirts we had taken, and several No Gas signs. We also handed out lots of our Stop CSG Sydney leaflet to groups who will add their own information into it to then distribute.

Thanks to Pip Hinman for the report.

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